And while you will learn a bit of American history, the book is primarily an 18th century soap opera. A Classic Western: The Legend of Jake Jackson: The Last Of The Great Gunfighters: B... To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. It was choked now, no more than a rasping shadow of its formerbeauty—but there was sufficient power in the passion with which he spoke to make all those who heard him bow theirheads, faces lost in shadow. Remember, man, that thou art dust; and unto dust thou shalt return. Please try again. Which I did for a while until I got close to the end and then realised I just had to finish it. wasn’t it? Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 10, 2019. He had reached out, half-unconsciously, for Bree’s hand, and held it tightly. A lot of respect to Diana Gabaldon and her team for writing these wonderful books. The first book had me completely absorbed in the little details and fascinating plot, the second book made me angry by the huge jump in time and then made me happy, while the third book continued to hold my interest. “No books nor writing left, if there was any to begin with. Anyway, only after I was DONE with the "ashes" book did I realize I had just SKIPPED from BOOK ONE to BOOK SIX!!!!!!!! This was a long one to be sure. But—”“They hadn’t been here long.” A low, cracked voice made me look up. The plot has become very contrived over the last two books. What gave you that idea?”She nodded at the blue-tinged face below us. A small shudder went through her, which I thought had nothing to do with the cold. outlander books #6 - Google Search. It is a series of incidents following familiar themes of kidnapping and rescue, disaster and salvation, sickness and carefully recaptured health, accusation and jail. .” I saw his eyes fix on the dead men’s feet. It is with grief that the news is received of the deaths by fire of James MacKenzie Fraser and his wife, Claire Fraser, in a conflagration that destroyed their house in the settlement of Fraser’s Ridge, on the night of January 21 last. “Be ye afraid of the sword: for wrath bringeth the punishments of the sword, that ye may know there is a judgment.”I shivered, and Jamie’s hand curled round my own, cold but strong. Not mountains, not armies. The Outlander TV show has a habit of changing things here and there, especially when it comes to killing or not killing characters. . There's always preexisting, and having no end. Oh, that they wereprinted in a book! It was late afternoon, and a chilly spring day, but themen were all sweating. But, happily for me, back on par with Outlander and Voyager! These promotions will be applied to this item: Some promotions may be combined; others are not eligible to be combined with other offers. in Marine Biology, and a Ph.D in Ecology. Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2017. He covered my hand with his, and squeezed tight in reassurance. The children, too.”The clearing was silent, save for the distant calls of birds on the mountain. I got through another door stopper =) But this one made me freaking cry in the end. I do still have problems with these short in-fill chapters. “See, her legs and feet aren’t touched. That is not what i am reading for. I was completely confused in the beginning and it took awhile to figure out how the books linked. I had turned the woman’s apron up to cover her head and upper body. in Zoology, a M.S. I saw her throat move as she swallowed. I got almost emotional when the loss of four major characters came. There are no loose ends, it could be The End. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Had it been daylight, I’d never ha’ kent it, never.” He wiped a trembling hand over his face, unable to take his eyes off the line of bodies that lay at the edge of the forest. thanks!!! PEACE, Disappointed, will not be finishing the book or series, Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2016. Its not a bad read, the author does come up with some good story lines and ties them together very well. It was always a painful sound; there was anger in it now as well. Those who read them know and those who don't....well in my opinion you are missing out. The next few were also good. These characters are flawed - and it becomes frustrating - but then one has to remember that we all are. Praise for Diana Gabaldon: "Riveting. Season 6 will likely explore more of the sixth Outlander book, A Breath of Snow & Ashes, and possibly An Echo in the Bone. Cold as it was, a trickle of sweat streaked hisneck, and his thick auburn hair was dark at the temples. Outlander is a series of historical romance science fiction novels by American author Diana Gabaldon. Kenny had pounded on our door long before daylight, summoning us from warm beds. Why is the audible version of this book not available on Kindle? “They’ll never know what happened to them.”“No.” Jamie stood abruptly. Geraldine James enchants the listener with her varied accents, from British and Scots to twentieth-century American and an occasional Irish brogue. Starting to read like the Perils of Pauline. “That’s no Dutchman,” Sinclair said, for probably the fourth time, shaking his head over one body.“He might be,” said Fergus dubiously. Brianna resembled Jamie inmore than coloring; she stood six feet in her stockings and had her father’s clean-limbed strength.“Perhaps they could, but they didn’t,” Jamie said shortly. No cliffhangers. There was virtually nothing left inside, though the chimney stack still stood, and jagged bits of the walls remained, their logs fallen like jackstraws.“There’s no metal,” he said, nodding at the blackened hearth, where the remnants of a cauldron lay, cracked in twofrom the heat, its contents vaporized. . Saved by Christina James's performance brings out the adventurer in the listener. Nay tools. Stay for them. Only after I was DONE (arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh - still kicking myself years later ... ). Do yourselves a favour and immerse yourselves in the lives of Claire and Jamie. They never really seem to talk about the deeper important things. Both of them were way too long and I actually was bored in parts. It also has surprisingly melancholy and insightful views on the experience of growing old and dealing with the losses that entails…. murders! It took me over a year to read not because it wasn't an enjoyable read, it was, but in typical Gabaldon style it was a saga of a book. Secrets are discovered and shared, there's sex scenes and a rape scene as another Fraser family member takes their improbable turn again as victim (what are the chances that three members of a family would be raped, one twice? Pantherinus, because they kill so swiftly— like a striking cat.”I could see the gooseflesh ripple on Brianna’s forearm, raising the soft, red-gold hairs. “New emigrants,” Roger said softly. I read on my Kindle and have the mobile app so I can read wherever I am. Gabaldon began the first volume of the series, Outlander, in the late 1980s, and it was published in 1991. I feel there is so much unsaid by the characters, yet there is superficial in-fill within the book, pages of it. I picked up the little girl’s hand,and traced the delicate bones of the forearm. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. They lowered her hastily into the shallow grave, her children and mother beside her, and left Brianna and me tobuild a small cairn over them, in the ancient Scottish way, to mark the place and provide protection from wild beasts,while a more rudimentary resting place was dug for the two barefoot men.The work finally done, everyone gathered, white-faced and silent, around the new-made mounds. Sprawled on the ground within the shadow of the trees, found not together, butnot far apart, only a short distance from the house. There were any number of illnesses that could be quickly fatal in these days—with noantibiotics to hand, and no way of administering fluids save by mouth or rectum, a simple case of diarrhea could killwithin twenty-four hours.I saw such things often enough to recognize them easily; any doctor does, and I had been a doctor for more than twenty years. The plot also follows Jamie and Claire's daughter Brianna and her husband Roger MacKenzie, who have returned to the 20th cen… I don't need to say too much more about how wonderful these books are and how awesome the characters are. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. . A Breath Of Snow And Ashes (Outlander, Book 6). Anna's world is filled with danger and death. I was so excited to have read the book that I looked around to see if there was a second book. Jamie shook his head.“Nay, let Roger Mac speak. But they must have been dead before the cabin caught alight, for none o’ them ran out. She must have fallen into thehearth. There's the notion of being all powerful-because nothing can stand against time, can it? In contrast to the book, I thought I would keep my review short and sweet! The small, blunt features were twisted in a rictus of agony, and there were traces of vomit in the corners of the mouth. So I slogged through all 6000 some-odd pages of this and I truly hate myself because I actually want to read the next one when (if?) Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. “She made a stew with the mushrooms, and they all ate it. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. He spoke the last words almost to himself, I thought, with little thought for his listeners. Some pops and skips are audible throughout, adding charm to the narration and the ever complicated plots. The fifth book made me wish for all that time spent listening back again because really, however many pages an author should devote to homesteading, Ms. Gabaldon surpassed it at least ten-fold. He hath destroyed me on every side, and I am gone: and my hope hath He removed like a tree.” His face was set, but his eyes rested for a bleak moment on the charred stump that had served the Dutch family for a chopping block. Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2018. I saw things now and then in this century that I had never encountered in my own—particularly horrible parasitical diseases, brought with the slave trade from the tropics— but it was no parasite that had done for these poor souls, and no illness that I knew, to leave such traces on its victims. The story left Scotland and Europe and came to the American colonies. Since the author obviously did so much research out herbs, surgeries, and medicine in general over a 200 year period, she wants to share many details and educate you about all those things. Her hair caught fire, and it spread to the shoulders of her gown. Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2016, The Outlander series is a commitment and a journey into history with some fantasy and detailed living in very hard times. I would have liked more follow through on most of the intrigue and tangles that the characters got themselves into. I have loved seeing America grow through the last two books have particularly enjoyed the great insights Diana has brought to the pages. I hadn’t continued the series after Book 5, which I finished in 2002. Learn more. pregnancies! "From the Hardcover edition." Food, medical attention, and shelter and also in discussed in detail which may be boring to some readers, but I find it very helpful in understanding why history evolved as it did back in the 1700's. Starz. These men hadn’t been walking through the muddy forest barefoot, that much was sure. Two men, this time. Roger cleared his throat with a noise like tearing calico. Having reached the end I feel the author has done her job. The preceding novel, The Fiery Cross, concluded with political unrest in the colonies beginning to boil over while the Frasers try to live peacefully on their isolated homestead. It is a series of incidents following familiar themes of kidnapping and rescue, disaster and salvation, sickness and carefully recaptured health, accusation and jail. Wow....what a book! It also has surprisingly melancholy and insightful views on the experience of growing old and dealing with the losses that entails.... One of the things that sets Gabaldon apart from other romance writers is exhaustive research of the times in which her characters live, so evident in her attention to period detail.... plot lines and stand-alone yarns are expertly woven together with the overall theme of impending doom and the question of predetermination." Brianna and Roger read a newspaper article that said Jamie and Claire were killed in a fire that burned their house down in January 1776. See all 27 questions about A Breath of Snow and Ashes…, December 2020 - A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES by Diana Gabaldon (Outlander, book 6), A Breath of Snow and Ashes - Diana Gabaldon - 4 Stars, A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Outlander #6) by Diana Gabaldon -- 3.5 stars, A Breath of Snow and Ashes / Diana Gabaldon. The Characters are the push and pull of the story, which twists and turns. I loved this book and have started book #7. We know these books are long. Would I recommend them. Your first book is Free with trial! I have read other reviews and have seen that other people have the same problems I have with these last books. the snow’s mostly gone.” Only the highest mountain passes were still packed with snow, and while the trails and slopes were wet and muddy with runoff, they’d been passable for a month, at least.“I’ve found the man,” Roger said, interrupting my thoughts. We have kidnappings, murder, revenge, the scandal of unwed pregnancies, wayward young men, fires, hangings, more kidnappings, more name it. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Sinclair gave a strangled cry of shock, and nearly dropped her.She had neither face nor hair anymore; the slender waist narrowed abruptly into charred ruin. I think that this just may be my favourite book out if the series so far with the exception of book one. “So there were perhaps more men? From the corner of my eye, I saw Roger kick at a nearby log, then bend and pick up something from the ground beneath. “For the hand of God has touched me.”Brianna made a slight movement beside him, and he cleared his throat once more, explosively, stretching his neck so that I caught a glimpse of the rope scar that marred it.